You Realize That There is Going To Be A Day When You Won’t Want To Go To The Gym, Right?

Too sleepy to go to the gym

…Or a day when you really won’t feel like writing or doing your work?

…Or a day when instead of reading that book you’re going to want to watch TV, check Facebook, read e-mail, or do pretty much anything else, right?

I think we have all been there before and are very familiar with the feelings of laziness, procrastination, and boredom.

So why not plan ahead for those days, now, so that when you’re feeling low, like procrastinating, and/or bored you have a plan?  

Sounds like a successful initiative to me.

Think about it…

We all pretty much know what it takes to be healthy and fit — good eating and exercise habits are about as close to a magic potion as it gets.

So, what’s the difference between a person who is healthy and fit and a person who is not?

I believe that it all boils down to how they handle the following situation:

What they decide to do when they are feeling unmotivated, tired, and lazy.

The choices that are made in that situation are absolutely pivotal not only for their health and fitness goal success, but for their ‘success’ in life in general.

Do you suppose a person who successfully pursues and achieves their goals skips?  Or comes up with excuses?  Or, instead, goes on Facebook and checks their social media updates?

I think not.

You see, the choices that need to be made, almost always, are obvious; Like eating an apple versus eating a cookie or working out versus checking e-mail.

It’s the action taking and follow-through that’s the hard part.

Here’s what I did to make it easier…

I came up with an action plan for the days when I know I’m going to be feeling low, unmotivated, tired, lazy, etc.

When it comes to working out, if I’m feeling low in any way, I decided I’m going to show up at the time I had blocked for working out and literally sit on the training room floor for the entire time.

That’s my action plan.

When it comes to reading, I’m going to sit at my desk and stare at the cover of a book for the entire time block.

When it comes to writing, I’m going to stare at a blank computer screen for the entire time block.

And maybe… Just maybe… I’ll find inspiration to stretch a little, lift a little, read a little, or write a little… But I won’t have any expectations and I know that I’ll be mentally prepared to literally just sit for the hour.

It’s about more than missing ‘just one session’…

You see, I decided to do this because there’s something greater at stake here beyond just missing ‘one personal development session’ – you risk losing the whole habit all together.

What makes a habit a habit is the consistency of the behavior; And showing up, in my opinion, is 80% of the battle and therefore 80% of the success.

As soon as you open the door, ‘that one time’ because you weren’t feeling motivated or energized, you will have made it that much easier for it to be opened again, for more of the same, in the future.

But if you plan ahead and follow a course of action on the days when you’re feeling unmotivated, tired, and lazy and are able to strengthen the habit, your long term success will be far more secured.

Anybody can do the work when they’re motivated, energized, and eager – It’s what you do when you’re the opposite of that that makes ALL of the difference.

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