Focus on what’s going RIGHT – The Power of Mindfulness.

It’s so easy to focus on the pain, the challenges, and what’s going wrong – but that won’t lead you to happiness.  Mindfulness is the foundation of happiness.  Focus on what’s going RIGHT and everything changes.  Hope it inspires you to keep moving forward – the ONLY direction!

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The post that inspired this video:  13 Powerful Thich Nhat Hanh Quotes on Happiness, Anger, and Peace

More mindfulness advice here:

Comment:  How do you practice being mindful?  Do you have any strategies that help you stay focused on the right and not the wrong?


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  • Oh my goodness..ur absolutely right..i have had a few times where i had to be hospitalized for wks and everytime I was in there I thought and said aloud..i will never take life for granted..i will smell that flower and watch the scenery as i drive by. I’m going to live life like i could die tomm and then I heal up amd wks later not even..i have forgotten what I just said..this is a great reminder..ty..i am actually going to write all the positive and happy things I have going for myself and my family and go from there.


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