So, You Want the Perfect Relationship? Brace Yourself… Because Your Dog is About to School You.

The Perfect Relationship

Imagine a perfect relationship.  You are always intensely happy with your partner because you live with the perfect woman or man for you.  How would you describe your life with this person?

Well, the way you relate with this person will be exactly the way you relate with a dog.  A dog is a dog.  It doesn’t matter what you do, it’s going to be a dog.  You are not going to change a dog for a cat or a dog for a horse; it is what it is.

Just accepting this fact in your relations with other humans is very important.  You cannot change other people.  You love them the way they are or you don’t.  You accept them the way they are or you don’t.  To try to change them to fit what you want them to be is like trying to change a dog for a cat, or a cat for a horse.  That is a fact.  They are what they are; you are what you are.  You dance or you don’t dance.  You need to be completely honest with yourself—to say what you want, and see if you are willing to dance or not.  You must understand this point, because it is very important.  When you truly understand, you are likely to see what is true about others, and not just what you want to see.

If you own a dog or a cat, think about how you relate to your pet.  Let’s consider your relationship with a dog, for example.  The animal knows how to have a perfect relationship with you.  When your dog does something wrong, what do you do with your dog?  A dog doesn’t care what you do; it just loves you.  It doesn’t have any expectations.  Isn’t that wonderful?  But what about your girlfriend, your boyfriend, your husband, or your wife?  They have so many expectations, and they are changing all the time.

The dog is responsible for its half of the relationship with you.  One half of the relationship is completely normal—the dog’s half.  When you come home, it barks at you, it wags his tail, it pants because it is so happy to see you.  It does its part very well, and you know it is the perfect dog.  Your part is almost perfect also.  You handle your responsibility; you feed your dog; you take care of your dog; you play with your dog.  You love your dog unconditionally; you will do almost anything for your dog.  You do your part perfectly, and your dog does its part perfectly.

Most people can easily imagine this kind of relationship with their dog, but why not with a woman or with a man?  Do you know any woman or any man who is not perfect?  The dog is a dog, and that is okay with you.  You don’t need to be responsible for your dog, to make it be a dog.  The dog doesn’t try to make you be a good human, a good master.  Then why can’t we allow a woman to be a woman or a man to be a man and love that human just the way he or she is without trying to change that person?

Perhaps you are thinking, “But what if I am not with the right woman or the right man?”  That is a very important question.  Of course, you have to choose the right woman or the right man.  And what is the right woman, the right man?  Someone who wants to go in the same direction as you do, someone who is compatible with your views and your values—emotionally, physically, economically, spiritually.

How do you know if your partner is right for you?  Let’s imagine that you are a man and a woman is going to choose you.  If there are a hundred women looking for a man, and each will look at you as a possibility, for how many of these women will you be the right man?  The answer is: You don’t know.  That is why you need to explore and take the risk.  But I can tell you that the right woman for you is the woman you love just the way she is, the woman you don’t have the need to change at all.  That’s the right woman for you.  You are lucky if you find the right woman for you and at the same time you are the right man for her.

You are going to be the right man for her if she loves you just the way you are and she doesn’t want to change you.  She doesn’t have to be responsible for you; she can trust that you are going to be what you claim you are, what you project you are.  She can be as honest as possible and project to you what she is.  She will not come to you pretending to be something that you later discover she is not.  The one who loves you, loves you just the way you are.  Because if someone wants to change you, it means you are not what that person wants.  Then why is she with you?

You know, it’s easy to love your dog because your dog doesn’t have opinions about you.  The dog loves you unconditionally.  This is important.  Then if your partner loves you just the way you are, it is just like the dog loves you.  You can be yourself with your partner; you can be a man, or you can be a woman, just the way the dog can be a dog with you.

— The above was an excerpt from the book, The Mastery of Love by Don Miguel Ruiz. —

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In my own words:

A casual conversation with Matt Hogan, the Founder of MoveMe Quotes, on improving the quality of your relationships with lessons learned from… dogs. Hope it inspires you to keep moving forward – the ONLY direction!

How To Improve the Quality of Your Relationships – Lessons Learned from… Dogs.

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Comment:  How do you show your partner that you love them unconditionally?

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