“There’s no one way — there’s too much drivel about this subject.  You’re who you are, not Fitzgerald or Thomas Wolfe.  You write by sitting down and writing.  There’s no particular time or place — you suit yourself, your nature.  How one works, assuming he’s disciplined, doesn’t matter.  If he or she is not disciplined, no sympathetic magic will help.  The trick is to make time — not steal it — and produce the fiction.  If the stories come, you get them written, you’re on the right track.  Eventually everyone learns his or her own best way.  The real mystery to crack is you.” ~ Bernard Malamud, via Daily Rituals

Questions. The Ultimate Mind Hack?


Questions direct focus; focus directs actions; actions direct life.

The process works like this: A question gets asked, a void is created, and the mind – like a vacuum – works to fill that void with an answer almost instantaneously.  So the opportunity is this:  Start asking yourself better questions and you can immediately start getting better answers.

Ask yourself bad questions; get bad answers; take bad actions (or no actions); have a, well, bad life.

Ask yourself powerful questions; get powerful answers; take powerful actions; have a powerful life!

Lame questions beget lame answers; Extraordinary questions beget extraordinary answers.

Before you dismiss this idea as being all too simple, let’s dig a little deeper.

How exactly do questions direct focus?  

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5 Habits That Will Help You Finally Stick to Your Workout Routine.

5 Habits That Will Help You Finally Stick to Your Workout Routine.

Coming up with a brilliant workout routine isn’t the hard part.

Google will give you millions of suggestions.

It’s following through and staying consistent that’s the hard part.

I have been lifting weights and following different workout routines on and off for over a decade now.

Like so many others in pursuit of a healthier, stronger, leaner lifestyle, I’ve followed the fads, jumped on the trends, and changed my mind more times than I can remember.

I’ve google searched, joined gyms, joined forces with other motivated individuals, gotten advice from personal trainers, bought DVDs, bought equipment, built machines…

…And have, each time, faded out after a while – regardless of how fool-proof my plan was.

I’d always start off strong, thinking that this (whatever this was at the time) was the routine that would stick for sure!

But, of course, I’d follow it for a few weeks, become complacent with my efforts or results (…or come up with some other brilliant excuse on why I didn’t want to continue) and would eventually slow to a halt and find myself – no more than a few days later – back in good ol’ square one. Continue reading


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