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“Where are we trying to get to with our incessant activity?  To the stars?  But we’re already as among the stars as we will ever be.  Better quality of life?  The quality we seek is lost in the seeking.  Truly we have it backward with our continual striving for what we don’t have and avoidance of what we do.  What we crave most deeply we have always had.” ~ Robert Kull, Solitude

The Two Most Basic Ways to Upgrade the Quality of Your Life.

The Two Most Basic Ways to Upgrade the Quality of Your Life.

Each of your senses acts as a floodgate that, when opened, unleashes a rush of information that allows you to interpret and interact with life.

When you open your eyes, all of the visuals from your surrounding environment pour in; When you open your ears, all of the sounds from your environment vibrate in; When you open your mouth and eat food, all of the tastes come surging in; etc.

Once you understand this, two things become evidently clear in regards to improving the quality of your life.

First:  High quality environments allow in high quality information and vice-versa.

If you open up a floodgate that is trapping water filled with toxic waste, sewage, trash, and chemicals – then that’s what’s going to flow in.

So, too, is it true that when you open your senses to an environment filled with toxic conversations, bull shit, trash talk, and manipulative advertisements – that’s what’s going to flow into your being and is what’s going to affect your thoughts and behaviors.

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“No one ever achieved a goal by being interested in its achievement.  One must be committed.  In fact, in studying the source of people’s success, I’ve found that persistence overshadows even talent as the most valued and effective resource in creating and shaping the quality of life. Most people give up a maddening five feet from their goal!” ~ Anthony Robbins, Awaken the Giant Within


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