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25 Relationship Quotes That Will Make It A Little Less, “Complicated.”

25 Relationship Quotes That Will Make It A Little Less, Complicated

Being in a meaningful relationship is something we all long for. I think we all want that special somebody who can appreciate us for who we are – not how we look.

Somebody that makes us laugh and comforts us when we cry; somebody who appreciates our quirks and loves our imperfections; somebody who treats us the same whether we’re at our best or at our worst; somebody that gets us excited and somebody we find ourselves naturally drawn to; somebody that doesn’t hold us back but gets us to where we want to be quicker; somebody that we would call our best friend and lover.

Yeah, that person.

But I also think that there is far too much pressure to get into a relationship far too fast. Like being single is a bad thing? …It becomes an obsession for way too many people way too early in their lives – as if you get bonus points for getting in a relationship as early in your life as possible! My question is this: What should we really be obsessing over looking at the grand scheme of things: Getting in a relationship now and figuring out the rest later? Or figuring out the rest now and getting in a relationship when the time’s right? Continue reading

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