“Fairness is an illusion.  Fairness never existed and never will.  No one in life gets less or more than anyone else.  We just get different stuff.  That’s right.  No one is dealt a bad or a good hand in life; we’re just dealt cards.  It’s up to us to stay in the game and play.  Sure, some cards look ‘better,’ but they’re really not.  If you look closely, you’ll see that anything you feel has been taken from you – or never given to you at all – was replaced with other amazing opportunities and gifts.  It’s up to you to find them.” ~ Sean Stephenson, Get Off Your “But”

 “If you understand something in only one way, then you don’t really understand it at all. The secret of what anything means to us depends on how we’ve connected it to all other things we know. Well-connected representations let you turn ideas around in your mind, to envision things from many perspectives until you find one that works for you. And that’s what we mean by thinking!” ~ Scott Young, Zen Habits


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