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“Understand the value of time. Life ends up being really short, no matter how long you live. You can recover money, you can rebuild houses, you can re-buy glassware — but you can’t get back time.” ~ Nick Crocker, Medium

“Remember you will die. Maybe even today. Don’t forget that. Don’t forget to be thankful for your health. For the ability to walk. For the time you get to spend with the person you love. For your siblings. For whatever it is that you have today. It’s not yours, it can be stolen away at any moment. So while you have it on loan, cherish it.” ~ Nick Crocker, Medium

5 Videos to Remind You That There’s More To Life Than Money

There's more to life than money.

I watched a video the other day that moved me so deeply that I was just about on the verge of tears (it’s included in the list below).  It got me thinking about how precious our time here together, on earth, really is and how it can be so easy for us to lose sight of what’s really important in our lives.  Moreover, I was reminded of just what it meant to live a full and happy life – and how money had little to do with it.

It scares me to think that we are all growing up in and living in a society where people are literally trained  and brainwashed into thinking they need to lead lavish lifestyles or that they need to have certain things in order to find joy and meaning in their life.  I feel like priorities are being completely thrown out of whack and that many people are falling victim to the vicious cycle of always wanting more.

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