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Buddha: On Getting Insulted

Buddha Insult Story

Buddha was passing through a village and the people came and they insulted him.  They used all the four-letter words that they knew.  Buddha stood there, listened silently, very attentively, and then said, ‘Thank you for coming to me, but I am in a hurry.  I have to reach the next village, people will be waiting for me there.  I cannot devote more time to you today, but tomorrow coming back I will have more time.  You can gather again, and tomorrow if something is left that you wanted to say and have not been able to, you can say it.  But today, please excuse me.’

Those people could not believe their ears: this man has remained utterly unaffected, undistracted.  One of them asked, ‘Have you not heard us?  We have been abusing you like anything, and you have not even answered!’ Continue reading

“The outer is easier, and the outer is objective. For example, one man, Thomas Alva Edison, discovers electricity and the whole of humanity uses it; there is no need for everyone to discover it again and again. Inner growth is a totally different phenomenon. A Gautama Buddha may become enlightened, but that does not mean that everybody else becomes enlightened. Each individual has to find the truth for him or herself.” ~ Osho, The Book of Understanding

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