“No one else has had the same sequence of actions and reactions that have created your life and your realm of understanding.  No one right now is thinking exactly like you do.  You may, to the naked observer, appear to fit into a category, but that category most certainly does not define you.  The only quality you share with every other human in the world is your personal understanding that you are just unique enough to operate independently, and just similar enough to others to, in turn, recognize this uniqueness in them.” ~ Unknown, The Daily Zen

“There are as many kinds of people as there are people.  Do not fight your own individuality, your own boundless alienation within a world of other aliens.  Bond with your fellow people.  We’re all here alone and might as well help one another out.  Help yourself understand people, and, in doing so, you will help them understand you.  Most importantly, you will come to understand yourself as you evolve and mature.” ~ Unknown, The Daily Zen

“All Fords are exactly alike, but no two men are just alike. Every new life is a new thing under the sun; there has never been anything just like it before, never will be again. A young man ought to get that idea about himself; he should look for the single spark of individuality that makes him different from other folks, and develop that for all he is worth. Society and schools may try to iron it out of him; their tendency is to put it all in the same mold, but I say don’t let that spark be lost; it is your only real claim to importance.” ~ Henry Ford


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