Helping Others

“[My wife] likes to think of money as a big magnifying glass.  If you are a good person before you had money… then money makes you an even better person.  If you were a charitable person before you had money… then money makes you even more charitable.  But if you were an asshole before you had money… well then, money makes you an even bigger asshole.” ~ Jesse Itzler, Living with a SEAL


“The main way you generate bodily tension is by turning your attention back on yourself in self-concern, curling into yourself so tightly you feel all knotted up.  Therefore, the main cure is to give yourself to others.  Whenever you notice that you are mulling over your own problems, knotting energy into your body as tension, take that energy and create a gift for others.  It could be as simple as doing the dishes in the sink, or as complex as building a business that will benefit others.  Convert into service the energy that is knotting up the front of your body.  Your tension is only the energy of a gift that has become backed up, unexpressed, in your body.” ~ David Deida, The Way of the Superior Man


“It was our belief that the love of possessions is a weakness to be overcome. Its appeal is to the material part, and if allowed its way, it will in time disturb one’s spiritual balance. Therefore, children must early learn the beauty of generosity. They are taught to give what they prize most, that they may taste the happiness of giving.” ~ Ohiyesa, American Indian


“The smallest acts of kindness has the power to change someone’s life. Whether it’s from holding a door for someone, or paying for their coffee, or giving them a genuine smile, or giving random strangers high fives while you’re running, it could dramatically change their entire day in an instant and light up their world. Show other people that you’re human, that we’re not robots. We’re human beings born out of love, with a lot more to give. Even when people are being difficult, that’s when you should be the most kind to them. Kill them with kindness.” ~ Satori,


Story of a Scorpion

Story of a Scorpion

An old man saw a scorpion drowning and decided to pull it out from the water. He calmly extended his hand to reach the creature.

When he did, the scorpion stung him. With the effect of the pain, the old man let go the creature and it fell back into the water. The man realizing that the scorpion was drowning again, got back and tried to rescue it but then again it stung him. He let go of it again. Continue reading


“When you share love grows, happiness doubles, and sorrow is halved. A life shared is twice as good with half the troubles. A dessert shared tastes twice as nice with half the calories. When you share, you end up with more of what counts and give it to someone else.” ~ Nancy Plum