3 Steps to Better Self Discipline

What we’re lacking in the world isn’t sources of motivation—it’s self-discipline. Motivation is fickle and requires constant attention. Discipline is reliable and becomes a way in which you lead your life. Follow these 3 steps to improve your self-discipline and keep moving forward!

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The post that inspired this video:  3 Steps to Leading a More Disciplined Life.

More self-discipline advice here: http://www.movemequotes.com/tag/self-discipline/


We Don’t Need More Motivational Videos…

Motivation can be powerful for short term spurts of high intensity productivity. Discipline, however, is the key to long term success.

The More:

The post that inspired this video:  3 Steps to Leading a More Disciplined Life.

More self-discipline advice here: http://www.movemequotes.com/tag/self-discipline/

Comment:  What are you disciplined with?  What strategies helped you get there?


Daily Rituals

Daily Rituals by Mason Curry

By: Mason Curry

Book Overview: Franz Kafka, frustrated with his living quarters and day job, wrote in a letter to Felice Bauer in 1912, “Time is short, my strength is limited, the office is a horror, the apartment is noisy, and if a pleasant, straightforward life is not possible then one must try to wriggle through by subtle maneuvers.”  Kafka is one of 161 inspired—and inspiring—minds, among them, novelists, poets, playwrights, painters, philosophers, scientists, and mathematicians, who describe how they subtly maneuver the many (self-inflicted) obstacles and (self-imposed) daily rituals to get done the work they love to do, whether by waking early or staying up late; whether by self-medicating with doughnuts or bathing, drinking vast quantities of coffee, or taking long daily walks.  Brilliantly compiled and edited, and filled with detail and anecdote, Daily Rituals is irresistible, addictive, magically inspiring.

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“Like your private bedroom, your writing room should be private, a place where you go to dream.  Your schedule — in at about the same time every day, out when your thousand words are on paper or disk — exists in order to habituate yourself, to make yourself ready to dream just as you make yourself ready to sleep by going to bed at roughly the same time each night and following the same ritual as you go.  In both writing and sleeping, we learn to be physically still at the same time we are encouraging our minds to unlock from the humdrum rational thinking of our daytime lives.  And as your mind and body grow accustomed to a certain amount of sleep each night —six hours, seven, maybe the recommended eight — so can you train your waking mind to sleep creatively and work out the vividly imagined waking dreams which are successful works of fiction.” ~ Stephen King, via Daily Rituals


How To Add More ‘Suck’ To Your Life – And Why That’s Not A Bad Thing.

How To Add More ‘Suck’ To Your Life – And Why That’s Not A Bad Thing.

Ever feel like your schedule and routines are controlling you and not the other way around?

…Like you’re stuck in a rut and bored with the daily grind?

Last week I discussed how I ventured to The Albright-Knox Art Gallery in search of inspiration outside of my comfort zone, but what if – in order to break up the monotony / routine of your life – you invited a Navy SEAL to live with you for a month under the agreement that you had to do everything he/she asked you to do, whenever he/she asked you to do it?

…Sounds crazy right?

…Talk about getting pushed outside of your comfort zone!

Well, believe it or not, that’s exactly what Jesse Itzler did.  And how he spent his 30 days with a Navy SEAL were documented in his book, Living With A Seal.

When I finished the last few pages, I threw on my running shorts, laced up my sneakers and ran 9 miles, did 100 push-ups, and 30 pull-ups.

…Go ahead and ask me if it was an inspirational book! Continue reading


How To Make Momentum Work For You.

How To Make Momentum Work For You.

I was out doing errands on a Sunday afternoon and I made a stop at Home Depot to do two things: One, recycle two boxes of light bulbs and two, pick up a new 5 gallon jug of water for my water dispenser at work.

I pulled up to the front unloading zone, took the two boxes of light bulbs out from the back, and hurriedly brought them to the customer service counter.

Well aware that I shouldn’t be parked in the unloading zone for too long, I quickly dropped the bulbs off, made a hasty exit after exchanging a few words of conversation with the employee, and started to drive away.


I forgot to get the water jug and I was already half way out of the parking lot!

“It’s okay,” I thought to myself.  “I’ll swing back on another day and grab it then.”

I quickly stopped and thought to myself about exactly what I was electing to do…

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“When things get tough or uncomfortable, we tell ourselves: it’s OK to quit, it doesn’t matter, we’ll do it next time, we’re not disciplined enough, we suck at this, we can’t do it, it’s too hard, it would be nice to take a break, life is too short to struggle, we deserve a reward, just this once won’t matter, we’re going to fail, it’s better to fail quietly, we just don’t feel like it right now, let’s not think about this, hey a squirrel!  So what can we do if our story is working against us?  Change the damn story. Create a song to sing about yourself at the epic hero of your dreams. Sing this song daily, and be proud of it. Go after the dream, fight the forces of distraction and dullness and self-doubt, rise up to be your best self. You are the writer of your story, the composer of your song, and every moment is a chance to rewrite it, a new draft ready to be crafted into something better.” ~ Leo Babauta, Blog


“Whether people change their mindset in order to further their career, heal from a loss, help their children thrive, lose weight, or control their anger, change needs to be maintained.  It’s amazing – once a problem improves, people often stop doing what caused it to improve.  Once you feel better, you stop taking your medicine.  But change doesn’t work that way.  When you’ve lost weight, the issue doesn’t go away.  Or when your child starts to love learning, the problem isn’t solved forever.  Or when you and your partner start communicating better, that’s not the end of it.  These changes have to be supported or they can go away faster than they appeared.” ~ Carol Dweck, Mindset


Quotes That Have Changed My Life – Volume 1

No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.

I have a passion for quotes and firmly believe in their ability to change a person’s life when read, reflected upon, and applied seriously.

The very essence of a quote is insight and wisdom derived from other people’s life experiences and packaged through their own lens in the most direct and to-the-point method possible.

These ideas get you thinking, make you nod your head, and help you to express your own opinions and feelings (I know they have certainly helped me express mine) and may help you live your life in a more fulfilling way.

Below, you will find my first installment of 2 quotes that have changed my life.

If any of the quotes below resonate with you, be sure to spend some time reflecting on them yourself and thinking about how you can apply their insight to your life – a year from now, you’ll be glad you did! Continue reading


5 Habits That Will Help You Finally Stick to Your Workout Routine.

5 Habits That Will Help You Finally Stick to Your Workout Routine.

Coming up with a brilliant workout routine isn’t the hard part.

Google will give you millions of suggestions.

It’s following through and staying consistent that’s the hard part.

I have been lifting weights and following different workout routines on and off for over a decade now.

Like so many others in pursuit of a healthier, stronger, leaner lifestyle, I’ve followed the fads, jumped on the trends, and changed my mind more times than I can remember.

I’ve google searched, joined gyms, joined forces with other motivated individuals, gotten advice from personal trainers, bought DVDs, bought equipment, built machines…

…And have, each time, faded out after a while – regardless of how fool-proof my plan was.

I’d always start off strong, thinking that this (whatever this was at the time) was the routine that would stick for sure!

But, of course, I’d follow it for a few weeks, become complacent with my efforts or results (…or come up with some other brilliant excuse on why I didn’t want to continue) and would eventually slow to a halt and find myself – no more than a few days later – back in good ol’ square one. Continue reading


Habit Stacking – A Simple and Effective Way to Create New, Positive Habits in Your Life.

Habit Stacking - A Simple and Effective Way to Create New, Positive Habits in Your Life.

As creatures of habit, there are dozens – if not hundreds – of things that we do on a regular basis that don’t even require as much as a single thought.

Things that we have done so often, and over such an extended period of time, that they literally have become a part of who we are and how we go about our day.

Some of these habits are healthy, empowering, and good, while some of these habits are unhealthy, disempowering, and not-so-good.

And, once a habit is established, it’s very hard to break – a truth I’m sure you’re all too familiar with.

What’s easier than breaking an old, bad habit is creating a new, good habit.

This is where habit stacking comes in to play.

The idea is simple: Take a habit that is already established and a part of your lifestyle and stack a new habit (that you want to build) on top of it.

By pairing them up, you use the first – already established habit – as a trigger to remind you and drive you to do the second.

Think about it…

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