“Nature is our mother.  Because we live cut off from her, we get sick.  Some of us live in boxes called apartments, very high above the ground.  Around us are only cement, metal, and hard things like that.  Our fingers do not have a chance to touch the soil; we don’t grow lettuce anymore.  Because we are so distant from our Mother Earth, we become sick.  That is why we need to go out from time to time and be in nature.  It is very important.” ~ Thich Nhat Hanh, Peace is Every Step

The Two Most Basic Ways to Upgrade the Quality of Your Life.

The Two Most Basic Ways to Upgrade the Quality of Your Life.

Each of your senses acts as a floodgate that, when opened, unleashes a rush of information that allows you to interpret and interact with life.

When you open your eyes, all of the visuals from your surrounding environment pour in; When you open your ears, all of the sounds from your environment vibrate in; When you open your mouth and eat food, all of the tastes come surging in; etc.

Once you understand this, two things become evidently clear in regards to improving the quality of your life.

First:  High quality environments allow in high quality information and vice-versa.

If you open up a floodgate that is trapping water filled with toxic waste, sewage, trash, and chemicals – then that’s what’s going to flow in.

So, too, is it true that when you open your senses to an environment filled with toxic conversations, bull shit, trash talk, and manipulative advertisements – that’s what’s going to flow into your being and is what’s going to affect your thoughts and behaviors.

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“If at all possible, commune with nature daily.  A quick walk through the woods or even a few minutes spent cultivating your tomato garden in the backyard will reconnect you to the wellspring of calm that may now be dormant within you.  Being with nature also allows you to tune in to the infinite wisdom of your highest self.  This self-knowledge will move you into the uncharted dimensions of your personal power.  Never forget this.” ~ Robin S. Sharma, The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari

“Whenever you feel sad, sit by the side of a tree, by the side of the river, by the side of a rock, and just relax into your sadness without any fear.  The more you relax, the more you will become acquainted with the beauties of sadness.  Then sadness will start changing its form; it will become a silent joy, uncaused by anybody outside you.  That will not be shallow happiness, which can be taken away very easily.  And getting deeper into your aloneness, one day you will find not only joy – joy is only midway.  Happiness is very superficial, depends on others; joy is in the middles, does not depend on anyone.  But going deeper you will come to the state of bliss – that’s what I call enlightenment.” ~ Osho, Love, Freedom, Alonenss: The Koan of Relationships


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