“Sticking things out is overrated, particularly if you stick out the wrong things.  In fact, I think you’d be much better off quitting most of what you do so you have the resources to get through the hard slog I call the Dip.  The challenge, then, is to not quit in the Dip, but instead to quit everything else so you have the focus to get through the slog of what matters.” ~ Seth Godin, Whatcha Gonna Do With That Duck?

15 Quotes on Being Strong… And How Borrowing Strength Builds Weakness.

15 Quotes on Being Strong... And How Borrowing Strength Builds Weakness.

Borrowing strength builds weakness is a concept that hit close to home with me with the passing of my 104 year old great-grandmother.   Her legacy for me was one of complaining less, doing as much as you can on your own, and loving more.  She endured more challenges in her life than most ever will and yet never stopped loving with every fiber of her being.  Her story and her legacy is one that will forever remain close to my heart.  You can read my full reflection on her legacy here.

Continue reading

The Pre-Daily Grind – How to Start Your Mornings Off Right Before You Go To Work

The Pre-Daily Grind

“What you do every day matters more than what you do once in a while.” ~ Gretchin Rubin

Whoa!  Where did that come from?!

One night, as I was training in my usual Tuesday night Martial Arts class, I noticed that my legs were feeling really good… Like, better than they had ever felt before, good.

Now, with me having trained kicks in the Martial Arts for more than half of my lifetime, the question quickly became – Where did this come from?

I mean, I literally felt like I could spin hook kick a toothpick out of Shaq’s mouth!  I was on point.  And very curious…

What I soon realized was that it had to be a result of a simple 10 minute routine that I had added into my morning ritual about a month earlier!

It was the only variable and it was so straightforward and simple that I had almost forget that I was doing it altogether.

Here it was: As soon as I woke up in the morning I would do 5 minutes of lower body stretching followed by 5 minutes of slow kicking on both sides.

Boom.  That was it.  That was the secret to my new-found kicking success!

…And after only a month of doing it, I was kicking with more freedom and range of motion than I was ever able to before. Continue reading

Julie Moss’s Inspirational Near-Win in the 1982 Ironman

The following is an excerpt from The Rise by Sarah Lewis.  It is an inspirational story of Julie Moss’s near win in the 1982 Ironman when she lost complete control of her body and how, out of sheer will and determination, was able to cross the finish line crawling on her knees.  It’s a story that will motivate you to push a little harder the next time you go to work out – That’s for sure. Continue reading

“…We may encounter many defeats, but we must not be defeated. That sounds goody two-shoes, I know, but I believe that a diamond is the result of extreme pressure and time. Less time is crystal. Less than that is coal. Less than that is fossilized leaves. Less than that it’s just plain dirt. In all my work, in the movies I write, the lyrics the poetry, the prose, the essays, I am saying that we may encounter many defeats – maybe it’s imperative that we encounter the defeats – but we are much stronger than we appear to be and maybe much better than we allow ourselves to be.” ~ Maya Angelou

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