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The Art of Living and Dying

The Art of Living and Dying by Osho

By: Osho

Book Overview: Why are we afraid of death? Should we tell someone they are dying? Is reincarnation true? With depth, clarity, compassion, and even humor, Osho answers the questions we all have about this most sacred of mysteries and offers practical guidance for meditation and support. He reveals not only that our fear of death is based on a misunderstanding, but that dying is an opportunity for inner growth. When life is lived consciously and totally, death is not a catastrophe but a joyous climax.

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“There is nothing to be worried about.  You will disappear like a snowflake in pure air.  You are not going to die, you are only going to disappear.  Yes, you will not be found in the individual form.  The form will disappear into the formless – the snowflake into the pure air.  But you will be there and more so.  When the river disappears into the ocean, it is not dying – it is becoming the ocean, it is spreading, it is becoming bigger, huge, enormous, infinite.” ~ Osho, The Art of Living and Dying


“If you have loved a person, when the person is gone you don’t feel relief – and you don’t cry and you don’t weep.  In deep silence you accept the fact, the helplessness of it and the love continues – because love does not end with the body, love does not end with the mind.  Love goes on flowing.” ~ Osho, The Art of Living and Dying


“Old age is tremendously beautiful, and it should be so because the whole of life moves towards it.  It should be the peak.  How can the peak be in the beginning?  How can the peak be in the middle?  But if you think your childhood is your peak, as many people think, then of course your whole life will be a suffering because you have attained your peak – now everything will be a declining, coming down.  If you think young age is the peak, as many people think, then of course after thirty-five you will become sad, depressed, because every day you will be losing and losing and losing and gaining nothing.  The energy will be lost, you will weaken, diseases will enter into your being, and death will start knocking at the door.  The home will disappear, and the hospital will appear.  How can you be happy?  No, but in the East we have never thought that childhood or youth is the peak.  The peak waits for the very end.” ~ Osho, The Art of Living and Dying


“If you have lived your life, you will welcome death.  It will come like a rest, like a great sleep.  If you have peaked, climaxed in your life, then death is a beautiful rest, a benediction.  But if you have not lived, then of course death creates fear.  If you have not lived, then certainly death is going to take time from your hands, all future opportunities to live.  In the past you have not lived, and there is going to be no future: fear arises.  Fear arises not because of death but because of unlived life.” ~ Osho, The Art of Living and Dying


“Once you know what death is you will receive it with great celebration.  You will welcome it.  It is the fulfillment of your whole life’s effort.  It is the fruition of your whole life’s effort.  The journey ends.  One comes back home.  In death you don’t die.  Just, the energy that was given to you through the body and through the mind is released and goes back to the world.  You return home.” ~ Osho, The Art of Living and Dying


The fear of death is the fear of time.

The fear of death is the fear of time.

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“The fear of death is fear of time.  And the fear of time is, deeply down, fear of unlived moments, of an unlived life.  So what to do?  Live more, and live more intensely.  Live dangerously.  It is your life.  Don’t sacrifice it for any sort of foolishness that has been taught to you.  It is your life: Live it!  Don’t sacrifice it for words, theories, countries or politics.  Don’t sacrifice it for anybody.  Live it!  Don’t think that it is courageous to die.  The only courage is to live life totally; there is no other courage.” ~ Osho, The Art of Living and Dying


“The fear is not of death, the fear is of time, and if you look deeply into it then you find that the fear is of an unlived life – you have not been able to live.  If you live, then there is no fear.  If life comes to a fulfillment there is no fear.  If you have enjoyed, attained the peaks that life can give – if your life has been an orgasmic experience, a deep poetry vibrating within you, a song, a festival, a ceremony, and you lived each moment of it to its totality – then there is no fear of time.  Then the fear disappears.” ~ Osho, The Art of Living and Dying


“Once you understand that death is not the opposite of life but part of it, an intrinsic part of it, which can never be separated from it – once you accept death as a friend, suddenly a transformation happens.  You are transfigured, your vision now has a new quality in it.  Now there is no fight, no war, you are not fighting against anybody, now you can relax, now you can be at home.  Once death becomes a friend only then does life become a friend also.  This may look paradoxical but it is so, only the appearance is paradoxical.  If death is the enemy, then deep down life is also the enemy, because life leads to death.” ~ Osho, The Art of Living and Dying


“The more you fight with death, the more anxiety-ridden you will become, you are bound to become.  It is a natural consequence.  If you fight with death you know that you are going to be defeated.  How can you be happy with a life which is going to end in defeat?  You know that whatsoever effort you make, nothing is going to succeed against death.  Deep down you are certain about only one thing and that is death.  In life everything else is uncertain, only death is certain.  There is only one certainty, and in that certainty you have an enemy.  Fighting with certainty and hoping for uncertainties how can you be in a repose?  How can you be relaxed, calm, collected?  Impossible.” ~ Osho, The Art of Living and Dying


“You start dying really when you start breathing, at the same moment.  It is not right to say that death comes in the end, it has always been with you from the very beginning.  It is part of you, it is your innermost center, it grows with you, and one day it comes to a culmination, one day it comes to flowering.  The day of death is not the day of death’s coming, it is the flowering.  Death was growing within you all this time, now it has reached a peak; and once death reaches a peak you disappear back into the origin.” ~ Osho, The Art of Living and Dying

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