“If your goal is to avoid pain and escape suffering, I would not advise you to seek higher levels of consciousness or spiritual evolution.  First, you cannot achieve them without suffering, and second, insofar as you do achieve them, you are likely to be called on to serve in ways more painful to you, or at least demanding of you, than you can now imagine.  Then why desire to evolve at all, you may ask.  If you ask this question, perhaps you do not know enough of joy.” ~ Scott Peck, The Road Less Traveled

How To Unleash the Growth Potential of Your Mind and Break Free From, “The Box.”

How To Unleash the Growth Potential of Your Mind and Break Free From, "The Box."

Your mind is an ever expanding cloud of consciousness that is constantly absorbing information, creating connections, and adapting to its environment.

The information that you expose it to is the information that it is going to absorb.


What other information could it possible absorb, right?

But let’s take an extra minute to think about that…

This information includes:  the TV you watch/ books you read, positive conversations/ negative conversations, good role models/ bad role models, degrading social media/ uplifting social media, acts of kindness and love/ acts of hate and destruction, advertisements promoting consumption/ nature promoting reflection and this is only a partial list of examples. Continue reading

“One of the great mysteries of our current state of consciousness is how we can live in a world where absolutely nothing is fixed, and yet perceive a world of ‘fixedness.’ But once we start to see reality more as it is, we realize that nothing is permanent, so how could the future be fixed? How could we live in anything but a world of continual possibility? The realization allows us to feel more alive.” ~ Joseph Jaworski, Synchronicity


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