Motivational Quotes

“I spend so much time worrying about whether people will like and respect me in the years ahead, but there is nothing I can do to make that happen.  I can only work on liking and respecting myself and others, look for Spirit in each of us, and learn to accept inevitable frustration, fear, and anger without blaming myself or the external world.  My task is to stay centered, not manipulate others to make me feel ok.” ~ Robert Kull, Solitude

“We have seriously confounded luxury with necessity in our culture, and can no longer differentiate between what we want in order to maintain a particular lifestyle (with its social relationships and sensual pleasures) and what we actually need for physical survival.  We have confounded social identity with biological and spiritual being to the point of believing we will die if we lose our social standing, which is often based on the material wealth we have accumulated.  This accelerating spiral of desires becoming necessities is driving our suicidal rush to destroy the Earth we depend on for our actual physical survival.” ~ Robert Kull, Solitude

“Not only is everything I experience part of who I am, Spirit-filled, and not to be rejected, but there is no need to go searching for something special anywhere else.  Everything life has to offer is always right here wherever I am right now.  There is no place more alive and sacred than this place.  No time more alive and sacred than this time.” ~ Robert Kull, Solitude

“No wonder I’m a perfectionist – always hoping that if I do things well enough I’ll finally feel loved and accepted.  So much of my activity is driven by pain: if I can just do it right, I won’t hurt anymore.  The trap is that it works – temporarily.  For a short time I do feel better, but then self-criticism sets in again and I need to accomplish something else – perfectly.” ~ Robert Kull, Solitude