How To Bring Motivation To Life—An Exploration of What Makes Motivation Real.

How To Bring Motivation To Life—An Exploration of What Makes Motivation Real.

Why do I wake up at 6am when I don’t have to be at work until 10am?

Why do I go to the gym and train every weekday morning when I could just train at night when I’m teaching Martial Arts classes?

Why do I read and write rather than play video games and watch TV in my spare time?

These are the questions that I reflected on this week as my sister asked me a simple, yet very complex, question for a project she was doing for school:

“…What moves you?”

What’s the fuel source that continues to provide my spirit with what it needs to keep moving forward day-in and day-out?

And the more I thought about it the more I realized that I am (and we are) majorly motivated (and de-motivated) by the people we surround ourselves with in life.

Just like Chris McCandless realized at the end of his journey in the book Into The Wild: “Happiness is only real when shared,” so too did I realize that:

Motivation only becomes real when shared.

For example, within the first few minutes of waking up every morning I am blanketed with the sounds and vibrations of warmth, love, and compassion from my mom.

She wakes up full of love – almost as though she’s been filling with each minute of sleep – and overflows with nothing but positive vibrations for the duration of the day.

It’s an empowering aura that she shares with the world which then becomes a real motivation for others that come into contact with that energy.

When it’s time to do anything that requires self-discipline – I almost always think about others who have inspired me through their example.

For example, when it’s time to workout, I might think about the incredible people that I’m surrounded by (both physically and social network-ly) who are on a similar journey and feed off of their workout self-discipline; people such as James Clear, Tim Man, and CrossFit 716.

Or I might think about the people whom I am trying to lead to a better state and motivate myself to do it for them – like my family, friends, CORE Team members, and students that I teach.

Or I might think about the people who do it while facing greater challenges than any I might face and still find a way to do it anyway.  One of my favorite well-known examples is Sean Stephenson – but the list goes on and on for people I know directly.

Take my 104 year old great grandmother who, on Christmas evening last year, found the strength from within to triumph against the steep stairs of my house with not even as much as a whimper or sigh.  You can read the full story on that evening here – it’s hard to not feel motivated after sharing an experience like that with a person of such strength.

Even the little three, four, and five year old kids that I share time with on a regular basis motivate me.

When I see them completely embracing the present moment and interacting with the world around them with awe and energy, I want nothing more than to provide them with an environment and opportunity that will captivate their attention and inspire them to become the best that they can be.

How would I do this?

…Blanket them with vibrations of warmth, love, and compassion; lead a life of self-discipline so that I may become my best and resultantly lead them (and others) to become their best; be mindful of the present moment and act with energy (just like the kids would) so that I may give my undivided attention, fill my heart with gratitude, and spread uplifting vibrations to all that cross my path.

Did you catch that?

It’s all an interconnected web of energy.

What one person does for another is what that other person might do for yet another and so it goes.

And imagine for a second what your motivation might be if you were the only person on the planet.

I think about how solitary confinement is one of the worst punishments in our justice system and imagine that motivation would only dissipate with time away from people.

This is why it is pivotal that we surround ourselves with the right people.

Who are the, “right” people?

Maybe it’d be easier to identify who the wrong people are:  The people who try and bring you down/ spread negative vibrations; the people who act in a way that frustrates/ upsets you; the people who are selfish and destructive; the people who don’t interact with life and choose to passively be entertained by TV, video games, and news and never live outside of their comfort zone.

We all know people like this and there are two ways we can move forward (rather than backward) from them.

Either choose to be a player for good in their life and try and influence them to better themselves through your energy and example – or – cut them from your life as much as possible.

Remember, when it comes to sharing motivation you have to fill your cup first before you can share what’s in your cup with others – and motivational supply is a finite commodity in high demand.

So, why do I do what I do every day?  So that I may fill my cup and give unto others what I want given unto myself because it is through that interconnected network of uplifting relationships that our real potential and purpose in life is found.

—— —— ——

Follow MoveMe Quotes founder Matt Hogan during one of his typical days and hear some of his thoughts (ramblings) on what moves us and how we can stay motivated day-in and day-out.

—— —— ——

…What moves you?

3 Responses to How To Bring Motivation To Life—An Exploration of What Makes Motivation Real.

  • Yeah…its absolutely rgt….u always get the people who surrounds you …so..choose wisely ..u r company …moreover it depends on you also….with whom u want to stay ..or not..
    By whom u get influence…

    Make choices consciously .:)..always choose to be happy nd motivated…
    Believe always works..:)

    Choose to live each day to the fullest …choose to be happy …u will spread happiness…:)

  • Well said! I’ve always believed that it is important to surround yourself with people that have a positive outlook on life. I try to be that postive influence in the lives of my family, friends and people I meet on a daily basis as well as associating myself with like minded people. Though everyone we encounter doesn’t necessarily think the same, I am driven to become a better person by helping others become better.

    • Well said yourself! There is something we can learn from everybody we meet on our journey and I find it increasingly important to be conscious of the mindset we carry during these interactions – because our mindset will make or break how we choose to engage with others / which will influence our relationship growth / which will influence our motivation levels for all of our endeavors. Thank you for your comment, Liz. 🙂

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