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Matt grew up in the East side of Buffalo, NY with a great group of friends who always challenged him physically through street football, lawn wrestling, backyard basketball, hide-and-go-seek, etc.  He was very fit, healthy, and active.  Then, things started to get bad in the local area with increased crime, shootings, and gang violence which caused him and his family to move at the start of the summer in 1999.  When he settled into his new home he didn’t have any friends and spent most of the summer playing video games, eating junk food, watching TV, and not much else.  By the end of that summer he had gained a lot of weight, wasn’t very happy or confident, and missed having that connection and challenge he had at his old neighborhood.

Then one day, while driving to a local store with his mom he noticed a Martial Arts school that had just opened up around the corner from his new house – Master Khechen’s Tae Kwon-Do.  It immediately sparked his interest and got him thinking about how it could help him get back to where he used to be before the move.  He had his mom call as soon as they got home later that day and ended up booking and attending his first Martial Arts class in April of 2001.  It was everything he had hoped for and more.  He trained often, adopted a healthier lifestyle, met role models and mentors that would change his life, was surrounded by positive and motivated people that were on similar missions, and was given substantial opportunities for personal growth that would set him up for success for the rest of his life.

About Matt HoganIn 2007 he attended Canisius College where he studied a range of topics including Business Administration, Philosophy, Sport Psychology, Exercise Science, Physical Education, and Health & Human Performance – all of which he found very interesting and valuable, but unappealing when it came to pursuing as a job or career.

In 2010, right before graduation, he started to gain a strong appreciation for quotations and The Power of Words and decided to start his own personal quote collection which later evolved into the very platform you’re surfing through today – http://movemequotes.com!  The hope for MoveMe Quotes was that people would utilize the quotes and resources to inspire action, spread positive energy, influence mastery mindsets, seek deeper meaning and understanding, and continue motivating not only themselves but others to Keep Moving Forward – the ONLY direction!

Matt graduated from Canisius College with a Bachelors of Science in Health and Human Performance in 2011 and ultimately decided that Martial Arts was what he wanted to do for the rest of his life. Today, Matt is working as the Head Instructor at the Master Khechen’s Martial Arts Academy in Buffalo, NY, is competing nationally in the KRANE, NBL, and NASKA circuits, actively blogs about things that matter to him, and is working hard every day to maximize and realize his personal potential while helping others unleash and discover theirs!

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