The 70% Mindset—A Mental Adjustment That Will Help You Stay Consistent with Lifestyle Changes.

One Simple Mindset Trick to Help You Stay Consistent with Lifestyle Changes.

Staying consistent with a lifestyle change or healthy habit over the long run can be very difficult.

How many times have you started a new workout routine that you said you would be 100% committed to no matter what – only to find yourself quitting it a few months later?

…Or jumped on the latest dieting trend and decided you were going to follow it, ‘to the tee‘ so that you could get maximum results?

…Or set a new goal of reading for a half hour every day which never lasted?

Too many to count?  Yup, me too.

Need. Results. NOW!

One reason I believe so many people don’t see their lifestyle changes through to the end is that they start too fast and forget to pace themselves for what they’re committing themselves to.

Here’s what I mean: When a new goal is set the motivation levels are usually high…

And when motivation levels are high… energy, self-control, spirit, and discipline are high as well…

And when everything is feeling good and you’re motivated to succeed at 100%, you usually push forward and take action at 100%.

But, then the question quickly becomes, how long can 100% max effort really last?

This is a lifestyle change we’re talking about.  You wouldn’t start a marathon running at your 100% max speed would you?

So why would you do that for a change that’s supposed to last you for life?

Sounds like a marathon to me…

The 70% Mindset.

This has been one of the most successful mindset mastery techniques that I have ever adopted when it comes to committing to long-term goals.

Here’s how it works:  Instead of starting out your new journey at a full on 100% sprint where the focus is on covering as much ground as fast as possible – start it at 70% and focus on finding your rhythm and pace so that you can see the race through to the end.

This way, when it comes to your goals, you can start out at 70% the first week and stay at around 70% throughout your journey.

Far better than starting out at 100% the first week, and letting yourself slowly gas out to the point of quitting a few short weeks later.

Remember, fatigue is a natural phenomenon that is just as real for the mind and spirit as it is for the body – plan ahead for it!

Here are some examples of the 70% mindset in action:

  • When you go to the gym, instead of lifting to your max – you lift to 70% of your max.  Or instead of running to the point of sheer exhaustion, run until you’re 70% of the way there.
  • If you’re following new eating patterns, maybe try following 100% of the dietary guidelines – 70% of the time.  Or maybe just keep everything with your diet the same and focus on incorporating 70% more of a certain food group.
  • If you’re working on your spiritual growth, maybe try meditating/ reading/ writing/ etc. for a shorter period of time than you have tried to in the past – getting only to about 70% of your attention limits.

The beautiful thing about 70% is that it leaves you feeling accomplished – but wanting more.  And staying ‘hungry’ is absolutely essential for long-term success.

But Wait, There’s More!

Another great benefit of adopting this mindset is that it significantly decreases the amount of resistance you might feel prior to going to the gym or the kitchen.

If you know that you’re going to have to put in 100% max effort before going into a workout, it’s probably going to be a lot harder to get there than if you were going to train with the mindset of only hitting your 70% best.

If you know that you won’t have to eat the exact same bland and boring thing you ate yesterday so that you can stay 100% committed to your guidelines, you’ll start to loosen up around the kitchen and start to make allies with healthy foods.

Will you see massive results in record time?!  Probably not.  And that’s ok!  It’s all about the marginal gains and becoming comfortable with long term goals that are worth achieving.

Pace yourself for the whole marathon… Not 40 meters of it.

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