2 Quotes on Taking Action That Changed My Life

2 Quotes on Taking Action That Changed My Life

As of the publication of this post, I will be celebrating MoveMe Quotes’ 5 year anniversary!  I uploaded my first quote, to my first WordPress website, with essentially no idea of what I was getting myself into on October 10, 2010.

And here I am, and here we are, 5 years later with close to 5,000 motivational resources that have been uploaded in the form of quotes, poems, short stories, blog posts, top 10+ lists, and more to MoveMe Quotes!

As I reflect on the wealth of knowledge and wisdom that has passed from my eyes, to my brain, to my fingers, and to the web, I can’t help but feel overwhelmed at the sheer quantity – and quality – of resources that I have had the privilege of reading and sharing.  And to pick and share only 2 with you here today?  Forget about it!

…But I decided to try anyway.

The theme for this edition of, “quotes that have changed my life” has to do with remembering the earliest, smallest, baby-est steps forward that are taken in order to achieve dreams and create legacies.

Whether it’s a dream to become a leader at your work, a creator that inspires through art, an athlete that never gives up, a role model that is always there, a mother who loves unconditionally, a service worker who is always giving back, etc. – there is always a first step forward – and many times, when taking that step, you have no idea what that little action will ultimately snowball into and how it will affect your life.

The following two quotes on taking action remind me that it’s about little actions – not intentions – taken regularly that keep the snowball moving forward, so that it may increase exponentially in size, as it moves down the slope of the legacy of your life.

“A year from now you may wish you had started today.” ~ Karen Lamb

For me, the idea for MoveMe Quotes was sparked from the notion of 140 characters or less on Twitter.  I opened a personal account and started ‘tweeting,’ and struggled to say much of anything of value because I was the type that liked to elaborate.

When you’re confined to only 140 characters, you start to get a lot more creative in your approach of how you say what you want to say.  And where might one find solid ideas for concise and powerful tweets…? Quotes.

They were perfect.  The very essence of a quote is insight and wisdom derived from other people’s life experiences and packaged through their own lens in the most direct and to-the-point method possible.  These ideas get you thinking, make you nod your head, and help you to express your own opinions and feelings.

I became a quote fanatic.  But while I was actively seeking and ‘tweeting’ my favorite quotes from all over the web, I quickly became unimpressed with many of the quote websites that were out there.  So I did a little research, took a little action, asked some intriguing questions, and simply started a personal collection of quotes that I could organize, share, and reference later.

The rest is history.

I have personally invested thousands of hours into making MoveMe Quotes the website that it is today and have the privilege of sharing my collections with upwards of 100,000 people every month!  Why do I share this with you?  Because all of that started with one little action that I took on one seemingly ordinary day.

As I look back on what I’ve done over the past 5 years with MoveMe Quotes, I am SO glad I started that day.  Is there something that you’ve been putting off that you can get started today?

“If you say to one flower, ‘Grow,’ but you water another, the first one won’t grow.” ~ Stephen Covey

Intentions don’t make a difference in the world – actions do.

You can have the best intentions of growing the most beautiful flowers, but if you forget to water them, don’t plant them in the right soil, and keep them out of the sun – your flowers won’t stand a chance.

Actions are everything when it comes to growth.

As I think about what led to the growth of MoveMe Quotes, I think about the daily picture quote posts, the regular quote contributions from blogs and books, the constant reading and searching for new inspiration, the replies to comments and willingness to connect, the weekly MMQ blog posts and/or Top 10+ lists, the MoveMe Weekly newsletter, etc…

Had I started MoveMe Quotes with the intention of making it into a website that saw 100,000 visitors/ month and focused only on that, I think I would’ve stopped posting a long time ago.  I focus on what I can control – the positive actions, the uplifting messages, and connecting with the people – and I figure the rest will take care of itself.

This quote rings true in many other areas of life as well.  Think about the children you have in your life.  Are you telling them to grow or taking action to facilitate their growth?

What about the world we’re living in today?  Are you keeping your fingers crossed that the world’s problems will be solved while you sit back and watch or are you taking action to ensure the world becomes a better place?

There are literally, hundreds, if not thousands, of little actions you can take right now to help make a difference in the world – but it has to be actions.  

Intentions don’t count when there’s no clean water to drink, kids are starving to death, animals are being mutilated and slaughtered, forests are being completely leveled, pollution is destroying the earth, and on and on and on…

No step is too small when it’s taken in the right direction.

—— —— ——

Food for Thought:

1) What baby action step can you take today – on this seemingly ordinary day – that might get your snowball rolling forward down the hill towards the legacy that is your life?

2a) Can you think back to the first step forward you took towards pursuing your dreams/ becoming the person you are today?  Once you have that thought, think about where you were, what happened, and what was going through your mind when you made the decision to take that first step forward.

2b)  Think about where you would be today if you didn’t take that initial action and rather, decided to sit on the couch and watch TV instead.  

—— —— ——

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—— —— ——

2 Responses to 2 Quotes on Taking Action That Changed My Life

  • Your dedication and passion in writing and inspiring others is so motivating. I remember when this was just an idea, but you believed in it and wanted to make it happen so bad.
    When bought the domain name for your site and stayed all night talking to customer service setting it up, I remember the day after you were so happy and proud!
    My point is here, who ever knows you in person, knows your passion in everything that you do and especially in inspiring others.
    You are truly amazing and I’m not saying this as a friend, I am saying this as a person who goes to your site to gets motivated.
    Thank you for all… Here is to many more successful years. here is to always inspiring !

    • Thanks, Ghandi 🙂 – It has been a rewarding journey thus far indeed.

      It’s funny because every single week I stare at the blank page and think to myself, ‘is writing to this blog even worth it? There are so many other people out there blogging – who am I to share my opinion? Maybe I’ll just go check Facebook and distract myself from this…’

      The difference maker for me was when I changed my mind from doing it to try and make a huge difference in the world, to doing it for me.

      I realized that writing is an essential practice for the clarification of thoughts, the organizing of ideas, and the personalized expression of what goes on within (which ultimately leads to your legacy and mark on the world anyway) – and it has helped me SO MUCH in many other areas of my life.

      When I started doing it for me, by sharing some interesting stories and life experiences and ideas that other people might find uplifting/ inspiring – my weekly practice became so much easier.

      Thanks for dropping me a line, my friend, and I’m so glad to hear that you’re finding value in what I have to say. Looking forward to seeing you again real soon!

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