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Welcome to MoveMe Quotes!  I’m Matt – the guy behind the scenes!  I started MoveMe Quotes in October of 2010 with the intention of creating a beautiful, clean website where the motivation had the priority – not the ads.  I hated being bombarded with ads when looking for motivation and I vowed to create a website where that never happened.

MMQ is your ad-free personal development website dedicated to keeping you focused on moving forward – the only direction – by compiling and sharing with you powerful collections of motivational quotes, picture quotes, top 10+ lists, short stories and more!

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MUST READ:  6 Steps to Mastering the Move Forward Game:

6 Steps to Mastering the Move Forward Game

Step 1:  Master Your Mindset

I see people become victims of their circumstances and life challenges all of the time.  When life gets tough or depressing, most will adopt a negative perspective and think to themselves about how unfair life is: how they should have been born into better circumstances with more money; or how they should have been given better opportunities; or how things should have happened differently.  

Well, the truth of the matter is that life is going to happen – sometimes for the better and sometimes for the worse.  The one true thing that you will always have 100% control over is your response to these events.  When you adopt a positive attitude and always look for the good in any given circumstance – how could you not move forward…?  Below are some of our most popular posts on mastering your mindset!  Start by reading these:

Prefer to watch and learn?  Here’s our latest video post:

What we’re lacking in the world isn’t sources of motivation—it’s self-discipline. Motivation is fickle and requires constant attention. Discipline is reliable and becomes a way in which you lead your life. Follow these 3 steps to improve your self-discipline and keep moving forward!

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Keep Moving Forward!!

52 Responses to Time to Move Forward.

  • Look forward to seeing what you got ! .. who knows maybe you can help me with my golf!!!

    • Mastering your mindset will help you with everything in life – golf included! So please, drink deeply from the words on our site and enjoy the benefits of a stronger, more open, and more balanced mind! Good luck, Daniel!

  • Whatever you’re doing and whoever read’s it his life will never be the same again

    • That’s the goal! Our hope is that whoever reads our words moves forward to new levels of understanding in all areas of their life – you included, Mpuuga! 🙂


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