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Time to Move Forward.

Time to move forward.

When you need motivation to move forward – think MoveMe Quotes!  We are your ad-free personal development website dedicated to keeping you focused on moving forward – the only direction – by compiling and sharing with you powerful collections of motivational quotes, picture quotes, short stories, gear & apparel, and more!

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Keep Moving Forward!!

39 Responses to Time to Move Forward.

  • Please subscribe me to the weekly messages. Thank you.

  • Hi Matt,

    Just to let you and everyone else know the Four Agreements is a GREAT book. Happy I ran across your blog!!!

  • Hi Matt
    Just love your motivations .Awesome work.

  • Hi Matt, at the TKD banquet on March 12th, you closed with some very powerful words. Can you tell me where I can find a copy of them?

  • Thanks a lot Matt. I am having a bad time and fortunate enough, I found your blog. I personally always try to motivate the fallen, but sometimes even I fell down and find no one around. Thank you so much for motivating people. It feels glad that there are people who care for other’s happiness.

    I will be glad if I can contribute in any manner towards motivation.

    • No one is perfect. We all have our moments when we fall down and lose motivation – including myself. MoveMe Quotes has served as a platform for me to not only share motivation for others, but to share items of motivation for myself – it’s one of the quickest ways to improve your mood; take action(s) that will improve the mood of others. So thank you for your kind words and keep spreading those good vibes within your circles of influence!! Wishing you all the best 🙂

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