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Matt Hogan - Founder MoveMe QuotesWelcome to MoveMe Quotes!  I’m Matt – the guy behind the scenes!  I started MoveMe Quotes in October of 2010 with the intention of creating a beautiful, clean website where the motivation had the priority – not the ads.  I hated being bombarded with ads when looking for motivation and I vowed to create a website where that never happened.

MMQ is your ad-free personal development website dedicated to keeping you focused on moving forward – the only direction – by compiling and sharing with you powerful collections of motivational quotes, picture quotes, short stories, gear / apparel, and more!

To read our full story, click here. To start moving forward, follow the links below.  And while you’re surfing, don’t be shy!  Introduce yourself and let me know what you think!  I’ll do my best to keep the site moving forward to match your needs.

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6 Steps to Mastering the Move Forward Game.

—— —— —— Step 1:  Master Your Mindset I see people become victims of their circumstances and life challenges all of the time.  When life gets tough or depressing, most will adopt a negative perspective and think to themselves about how unfair life is: how they should have been born into better circumstances with more money; or […]

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15 Dalai Lama Quotes That Will Make You Think Deeply About Happiness, Suffering, and the Purpose of Life.

The Dalai Lama has been a source of inspiration for millions of people and has had a huge impact across the globe. His message is simple:  Live a compassionate life and act with kindness towards ALL living beings – happiness will follow.  And happiness, in his opinion, is the purpose of life. But wouldn’t the pursuit […]


11 Questions from The Book of Questions that (When Answered) Will Change Your Life.

Questions can help us obtain a deeper understanding of ourselves and the world we live in when crafted and reflected upon correctly. Poorly crafted, rash questions will result in lame answers.  Superiorly crafted, provocative questions will result in insightful answers. The quality of the question changes everything. The process works like this: …A question gets asked, a void is created, […]


20 Deeply Insightful Quotes from The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari

In the book, The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari by Robin Sharma we meet a high profile trial lawyer, Julian Mantle whose life is centered around power, prestige, and money.  He’s the type who prioritizes three-thousand-dollar Italian suits, expensive meals at the finest restaurants, sexy young fashion models, and bright red Ferrari’s over gratitude, health, family, compassion, etc. […]


Top 15 Quotes from Whatcha Gonna Do With That Duck by Seth Godin

‘Getting your ducks in a row is a fine thing to do. But deciding what you are going to do with that duck is a far more important issue.’ Type in ‘Seth’ to any search engine and you’ll find his blog.  Since he started blogging in the early 1990s, Seth Godin has written more than two […]


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